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Ayurvedic center

Ayurveda Provence created by Philippe Hansroul and Udai singh is an ayurvedic center in Europe. The climat and the surrounding of « La Provence » are perfect conditions to live an ayurvedic expérience.  In june 2005 we started or first cure. Since then, we propose 3 types of  programs.



Cures from  6 to 13 days

Mini cures of 3 days and half.

Ayurvedic holidays and walks in the nature.






Our programs
Why a center in Europe ?


The health approach of ayurveda, even if very old, is a very modern health approach.

Indeed in ayurveda we try to keep health instead of treating diseases. Ayurveda talks about life and quality of life. A  cure is like making « a reset » with your body. The cure brings you rest and energy. A cure is helpfull to prevent illness.

Ayurveda Provence can prepare bigger panchakarma in India.

Ayurveda Provence can follow panchakarmas done in India in partnership with the indien center.

Coming Program 2024
Cure in Kerala


Since 2016, we organize once a year a trip to Kerala.

Living  a cure in Kerala, is living the roots of ayurveda



Kerala  2025:  From 23 january to 06 february 2025

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