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Ayurvedic center

Ayurveda Provence created by Philippe Hansroul and Udai singh is an ayurvedic center in Europe. The climat and the surrounding of « La Provence » are perfect conditions to live an ayurvedic expérience.  

In june 2005 we started or first cure. Since then, we propose 3 types of  programs.



Cures from  6 to 13 days

Mini cures of 3 days and half.

Ayurvedic holidays and walks in the nature.






Or programs


The health approach of ayurveda, even if very old, is a very modern health approach.

Indeed in ayurveda we try to keep health instead of treating diseases. Ayurveda talks about life and quality of life. A  cure is like making « a reset » with your body. The cure brings you rest and energy. A cure is helpfull to prevent illness.

Ayurveda Provence can prepare bigger panchakarma in India.

Ayurveda Provence can follow panchakarmas done in India in partnership with the indien center.

Why a center in Europe ?
Coming Program 2024
Cure in Kerala


Since 2016, we organize once a year a trip to Kerala.

Living  a cure in Kerala, is living the roots of ayurveda



Kerala  2024:  From 21 january to 04 february 2024

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